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God’ll Be Home for Christmas

“…God wants to come home to us. That is the redemptive, peaceful message of Christmas. We can’t forget it, for he has left his heart with us – and this heart leads him to draw near to us again, since he too can’t forget us. He is not content to embrace the starry hosts with his love, nor for his glory to shine on the grass and the flowers of the field. He desires to return to men, before whose vanity and pride he had withdrawn, and who he now sees suffering with aching hearts under the judgment which they had brought upon themselves. He wants to accomplish his greatest work in a redeemed and liberated humanity, a work greater than the wonder of the oceans, the heavens and the earth. He desires to have his greatest joy amongst the children of men, who have become like him not in spite of, but because of his love. He says this to us at Christmas: “For God so loved the world!”

Karl Barth, Sermon on Isaiah 52:7-9, Dec. 13, 1914


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